When talking to myself is not enough


THE Valentine’s Day

February 14th, not just another Monday. Well my story didn’t start on the 14th. My story begins from last week while shopping for the perfect gift for my girlfriend. This is my girlfriend’s 1st Valentine’s Day, you know being with someone *ie in a relationship*.

Warning: This story contains fail and sadness….

The Preparation:

In my head, I was thinking: “What should I get an anime lover, that’s available in Jamaica?”. That statement right there, defies all Jamaican logic as you will NOT find anything for an anime lover in Jamaica without ordering it online. Time was short and online wasn’t an option. So I started thinking smaller, what does she like? After stalking, I mean “tactically surveying” her, I had a gift in mind that I was sure she’d like. The “tactical surveying” comes into play here, as she had Kingdom Hearts in one of her pictures. No parent would have that much epicness to know that Kingdom Hearts is epic, so I figured more or less she had asked for that game. So the perfect gift had “appeared”, Key+Heart=WIN.

The Search:

I left school and headed out in search of something that I was willing to exchange for my precious money, which I had little of. I spent hours going through stores and after each store a disappointment. I decided to get a card and a teddy to make my non existent gift look not so lonely. That was another task by itself, as every store had Valentine’s Day decor but kept selling me crap I didn’t need. I ended up finding a store, the ONLY store selling stuff related to making your significant other burst into smile. After walking through the store a couple times, and letting the owner feel as though I was gonna rob the place, I spotted some teddy bears in the corner. Each teddy said the same thing, “I Love You”. Now here’s my situation, I’m not in love with this girl, I care about her a lot, but not in love with her yet. If I take up one of these, I’d be sending the wrong idea. I had to ruffle through all these love sending bears to find one that sent the right message across. A yellow bear poked it’s retarded head through the pile, it said “Hug Me” on it’s red heart. The bear was found. *Key note, she only hugs someone she cares about, so this bear was perfect* 

Upon exiting the store, I spotted cards through the window. I walked past that same store 3 times, and now I see the cards….did they appear only because I had achieved the bear? O.o I went in anyway. So I began staring at this huge collection of cards, puzzled, didn’t even know where to start. Some old guy walks by and says, “Look at the ones with the hearts”. O.O Did he just…..? He just read my mind @.@. So I looked through all those love plastered cards, none saying what I want to say. I find two particular ones in the back, after deciding to give up. *Why does this always happen?* One said everything I would want to say, the other making me ROFL as it had an inside joke (get to that later in the story). *She thinks I’m into bondage =/….I’m not*. So these people saw me hysterically laughing on the floor, the look of shock in their eyes. I picked myself off the floor and I gathered my sadness. I left filled with shame as these people just saw me ROFL -__-.

I decided to walk the mall one last time, in hopes of finding something remotely close to what I had pictured in my head. I call one of my friends who was to join me, and she tells me to try this store, Artique. I walk in, I look around the store, and there it was, *insert revealing clouds and halo here* a silver key with a heart locket at the end. I had finally found, what I was looking for. Now what was the damage? Let’s put it this way, my heart said yes, but my wallet said no. I followed my heart as I was not about to start a life long trail of cheapness.

The 13th, The Day:

So this was the day. The day I see her, the day I meet her family, THE DAY I DIE. Or so I thought, how else would I be writing this? We met up at TGIF at 3:00PM for dinner. Yes you read that right, dinner at 3:00PM. They greet my horribly dressed dad in his car, which he loves more than me. All seems good here, as I was still alive. Now the real sadness begins. We sit together and they introduce me to everyone. The awkwardness ensues. 

The menu, I stare at it, her dad emasculates me by saying he ordered for me -__-, then laughs and tells me to choose. O.O By this time, I’m hoping my drink wasn’t spiked, poisoned even. They start their conversation and I feel somewhat isolated from it. I look at Anna, and randomly start a conversation and convince her to choose something from the menu for me to eat. I then tell her to look at the gift I got her. She looks at it and smiles at me. Her mom asks, “So any other siblings?” I tell her about the sad pieces of life that is my family, they continue their conversation. The food arrives and I prepare to eat retardedly with both my hands…at the same time. I poke Anna and get her to read the cards. She opens the one that says, “Open this if you want to be my valentine”. Inside it had some stuff I wrote, and on the other side, “That was easy…now close this card if you to be my sex slave!”. She folds the card the other direction *still counts as closing*. The joke here is that she thinks I’m into bondage =/. The bill arrives and I offer to pay for what I had ordered. If you want to know who the alpha male is, he’s the guy that pays the bill. I offer to pay and her dad tells me, “no it’s fine, I’ll cover it”. I feel less of a male now.

We finish eating, and Anna convinces her dad to take her home. I’m relieved as I was preparing for an interrogation, but they only asked me a few questions and awkwardly stare at me. I think I’m home free now. At her home, she runs upstairs and surprises me with her gift she got me. I read the card SHE made, and I can’t help but feel happy and smile. I tell her to open her gift, and she walks away. Still in awe by her card, I miss her facial expression when she opened the box -____- SIGGHH ugh failsauce. She comes back downstairs and tries to put it on around her neck, she failing as much as me, can’t reach around. I resort to putting it around her neck for her, the way it should be done. Beautiful! I open her gift in the car, she misses my expression as well, I feel great =].

The Concert:

We arrive at the Valentine’s Day concert, so many old people O.o. In my head I wondered, if I was at a nursing home, I go with it. We head back for a sweater, and we hug each other after finding one. <—-That was cute, and unplanned.

Imma skip the not so notable parts now.

I hold her hand a few times while we watch the performances, and my ass falls asleep during my longest filling of Jamaican culture. I get her to walk with me, she grips my hand and we make conversation as we figure where we were walking to. I randomly kiss her on the cheek and she freezes and forgets what she was saying. Some random music starts playing and we end up slow dancing with each other *I can’t dance to save my life, but I managed to do it*. At this point, I’m thinking the night couldn’t get better. Before I could finish saying that in my head, some upbeat, mood breaking music starts. We walk around some more and I’m still on cloud 9. I get her to look at the moon and when she looked back at me, I held her cheeks and gave her our first real kiss. *PAUSE* Everything up until that point ended up going wrong, but this moment was perfect. *Continue* I hold her hand after and start saying random things. She kisses me on the cheek and I lose my train of random thought.

At the end of the concert, my dad and all his level of cheapness, decides to not pick me up >_<. Her parents, mostly her dad, emasculates me even more by offering to take me home after I suggested I take the bus. O.O I feel like their bitch at this point, I owe them so much >_<. Anna then says to me, just be a good boyfriend and that’s enough. I can do this!

The ride home was mostly me holding onto Anna’s hand and replaying the night through my head. They dropped me off and met my mom at the gate. They exchanged details or what ever it is these people do. I gave Anna one final embrace as I tell her bye.

Other interesting stuff that happened:

Her dad, being the manly man he is, takes a wrong turn and ends up going Downtown on the way back home. LOLZ! Real men never listen to direction I guess. 

Other stuff that happened:

I stayed up until 12:00AM, Feb. 14th, 2011 and sent her a text message that I had precomposed 45 minutes earlier, only to not get it sent until 12:04AM because I had no credit. The reason, I had called her 30 minutes earlier to tell her to stay up until 12 and I finished what credit I had left. I get a reply from her 13 minutes later saying I sent her spam >_>. I wake up however, to a text from her that made me smile and that threw me off from finding my clothes.

Random Moment:

While searching for a gift, one of my friends who was helping me, had to try on a female bracelet, he is a guy. The sad part is that he offered to test it. XD Hahahaha! No homo intended, but THAT was a really gay moment.